Molybdenum products

Molybdenum plate/sheet
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Material: Mo1, MOLA, TZM

Molybdenum sheet

The surface of our molybdenum sheets gives silver-gray metallic luster. Our molybdenum sheets are excellent in its mechanical performance and balanced in its inner structure.
Molybdenum sheets are mainly used as the radial heat shield of the vacuum furnace, molybdenum electrodes, high temperature parts, sputtering targets, sapphire grower parts.


Molybdenum Plate

Our molybdenum plates are manufactured through extrusion, forge, rolling and annealing. The density is between 10 and 10.2. The surface of the plates include raw surface, cold rolling and annealing, alkali-washed, ground. 

Molybdenum plates can be used in health industry, sapphire grower, astronautics and aeronautics, nuclear energy and guided missiles.