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Baoji Jinsheng Metal Material Co., Ltd. is located in Baoji City, which is well known as the “Titanium Valley of China”. We have a dedicated team specializing in the metals industry include titanium & titanium alloy, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, tungsten and other high performance metals. Our main products include metal wire, plate, tube, rod and other customized products.

Our customers are confident in that they can rely on our services to meet their product demands.

We are very flexible in being able to customize any specific product and we handle every step along the way. This may include planning, budgeting, raw material preparation, inspection, and final delivery of the finished product.

JS Metal has been doing business with international customers since 2007, and certified by ISO 9001 at 2009. We have developed strategic partnerships with globally renowned enterprises in the titanium industry. In addition, we have implemented supply chain, research facilities, and subsidiaries to ensure that every order is processed to the highest degree possible.


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