Titanium equipment

Titanium Evaporator
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Pure titanium tube and pure titanium shell. All titanium construction for high corrosion resistance, it is suitable for sea water, aquarium chiller and some chemical conditions.



Titanium BSPT thread, NPT thread,etc. according to the product and your requirement.



1. Molded cups, more safe.

    All welded titanium construction.

2. Seamless pure titanium tube has super strong corrosion proof ability and high intensity.

3.  The titanium shell can work under high temperature and hign pressure conditions. 

     The seamless titanium tube was tested under 5.0 MPa pressure to make sure the tube is strong and not leaked.

4.  It is suitable for marine, fish pond, swimming pool, aquarium chillers, oil, gas,food&medical processing, water distilling and other corrosive environment.