Titanium equipment

Titanium Steel Reaction Kettle
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Heating Method:

Conducting oil type, naked light and steam heating. 


Titanium and its alloys have a variety of advantages such as strong corrosion resistance, high strength and good performancea in whether cold or hot processings. They have been widely used in various kinds of industrial departments and play an irreplaceable role. The main service of titanium and its alloys is chemical machinery, and all kinds of equipments and components.
Practice has been proved that titanium and its alloys have excellent performance in extending the service life of the equipment, improving product quality and labor condition, saving enegy and reducing production cost, therefore it can obtain significant economic and social benefits.

Product Advantages:

1. Low density and high strength.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance.

3. Good resistance to high temperature.

4. Excellent bearing to cryogenic property.

5. Good thermal properties.

6. Low modulus of elasticity.

7.Toughness, light weight.

8. Excellent property in acid and alkali resistance.