Titanium equipment

Titanium Pump
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Application: Chemical industry, Environment protect , Pharmacy, Fertilizer manufacturer, Chlor-alkali industry, Petroleum industry etc.

Anti-corrosion materials:

Titanium :Gr1, Gr2, Gr12, Gr18, Ti32Mo,Gr5 etc.

Nickel:N4, N6

Ni base alloy:Haste alloy B2, C276, Monel alloy

Stainless Steel:304,316,316L etc.


1. titanium centrifugal pump-single stage pump 

Type: antilevered and horizontal

Speed: 2900rpm or 1450rpm

Inlet diameter:50-200mm

Capacity: 6.3-400m3/h

Head: 5-125m

Medium: aicd, alkali, chloridion, ect

Design standard: API 610 or ISO2858

Sealing type: single mechnical sealing,double mechnical sealing,rinse the vice impeller sealing


2. ITM titanium magnetic drive pump 

Capacity:0.8~1000 m3/h


Temperature:-200~400 degree

Maximum Pressure:45MPa