Titanium equipment

Titanium Heat Exchanger
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Titanium and its alloys.


Applicable Industries:

Petrochemical, coal chemical, precision chemical, nuclear power, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, machinery, food, pesticide, rubber, aerospace, marine, dye, new power equipment, etc.



Low-temperature, medium-temperature and high-temperature according to your requirements.



Not only non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive medium but also flammable, toxic, corrosive medium and highly flammable, highly toxic, highly corrosive medium.


Our Advantages:
1. This product can reduce 70% energy more than normal equipment.
2. Long service life, can reach more than 20 years.
3. Fast heat exchange and resistance to high temperature (400 °C) and high voltage (4.0 MPa to 10.0 MPa).
4. Flexible design according to your request, complete specifications, and practical pertinence.
5. Cost saving for your benefit.